Druid Hills Radio

  Your home for Old Time Radio

Druid Hills Radio AM 1710

You have arrived  at the home of Druid Hills Radio.  DHR AM 1710 is a non-commercial privately owned neighborhood station serving the small communities of Druid Hills, Druid Oaks and Suwannee Park.  This translates to around 70 households, 3 businesses and  3 government agencies.  Additionally, you may be able to hear us at Burkes Park and Pasco High School if you are parked in the right spot.

Also, don't drive too fast in our neighborhood for two reasons. First and foremost, this is a kid friendly area and two, you might drive  so fast that you miss our signal.

 Druid Hills Radio is a proud affiliate of ABN, The Antioch Broadcasting Network brings you the finest in Old Time Radio programming.

In addition to Old Time Radio programming you will hear:

The Low Power Hour hosted by Carl Blare features news and conversations about legal, unlicensed, AM, FM, Longwave, Shortwave and Carrier Current broadcasting in the Homeland, formerly the U.S., under Part 15 of the FCC Rules, and worldwide under rules of host countries, welcoming hobbyists, professionals and equipment suppliers who pursue low power radio activities. The program seeks to increase public interest in starting personal radio stations.

The Neighborhood News Show, a weekly update of things of interest affecting the Druid Hills, Druid Oaks and Suwannee Park  neighborhoods. Hosted by Dade City John.

The Subgenius Foundation Hour of Slack hosted by Reverend Ivan Stang.

Druid Hills Radio is a member of  The Association of Low Power Broadcasters. The ALPB is a community of  low power broadcasters operating under Part 15 of FCC Rules and as such, no FCC license is required.   

The Association of Low Power Broadcasters is focused on helping its World Wide members develop their broadcasting skills and services offered. In turn, this will generate public support of low power broadcasting.. In this way, we can revitalize radio, bringing radio back to the people.